Casting Director Workshop

Go Studios and School Creative

210 - 112 East 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, V5T 1C8

DAY 1:

  • Learn the only four things you owe in a casting session.
  • Work your sides with one of our audition coaches.
  • Learn how to take the amazing performance you did at home and replicate it in the audition room.
  • Learn how to cope with the pre-audition and audition nerves.

DAY 2:

  • Perform for Casting Directors and receive notes on performance and your presence in the room.
  • Take the opportunity to ask the questions you never get to ask during an actual audition.
  • Ask advice on how to make stronger impressions in the audition room and how to be seen more often.
Standard rate: $249 / weekend
Special rate: $49 / weekend if you are already signed up for a 12-week part-time class in February.
Register now by calling 604-569-1337 or visit the reception desk.