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About VAS

Turn your passion into your career

Vancouver Acting School is a thriving collaborative arts community focused on mentoring the next generation of creative industry professionals. We provide unique opportunities for actors, writers and many other creative individuals to develop their skills together.

Our classes take place within an active casting studio that also houses one of Vancouver’s many acting agencies. Each classroom uses high-quality audio and video equipment to give students the chance to work within industry-standard spaces. If you would like to check out our facilities, you can learn more about booking a tour here.

All of our faculty members are working professionals in their field. Check out our Faculty page to view a full list of our instructors, including links to their IMDb pages.

Here at VAS, we know that the secret to happiness is, in fact, not a secret at all.  Simply find what you are passionate about and create a life where that is what you do every day. For those pursuing careers as professional artists, it’s essential to master the art of business in your industry. Business knowledge combined with your artistic ability allows you to enjoy a full life of doing what you love. You can absolutely make a career out of something you are passionate about!

We want to see you working professionally in a career that excites and motivates you every day. You should be able to do what you love. Vancouver Acting School works with you to perfect your craft and become a working professional in the arts.

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