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Monday – Self Tape Mastery

*Please note  all classes are 3 month commitments. (12 sessions, 1 class per week, for 12 weeks)

Pre-Requisites:This is a class for intermediate and advanced actors. Students in this class should have experience auditioning and be at a level where they can learn lines effectively week on week and have an understanding of the basic elements of script analysis. We will be acting on camera each week so some comfort in front of the lens is essential.

Accepting Registrations for:
April 10th – June 26th – Register Below
Monday Evenings – 7:00pm – 10:00pm with Francesca Bianchi

2023 Sessions:
September 11th – November 27th
Monday Evenings – 7:00pm – 10:00pm with Francesca Bianchi


Course description:
This is a 12-week in person Self Tape Mastery program, think of it as scene study class in a self tape audition format! Each week you will explore a new scene, graduating from the very tricky one liner auditions and on to scenes from six pages and beyond. Each week you will be working with different actors in the class. Under the guidance of Francesca Bianchi, you will explore a technique of script analysis developed especially for self-taping purposes, creating the space, working with props in detail, complex blocking as well as emotional investment. It’s about diving deeper so that as actors you can bring your depth and creativity to all genres and communicate that effectively for the camera. Preparation and dedication to this class week on week is essential and ensures that you will graduate this course with the knowledge you need to excel at your auditions and find the creativity needed to bring part of yourself to each audition and roll.

Topics Covered:

  • Actors will develop a clean and concise system of script analysis fine-tuned for self-taping.
  • Move to a more advanced understanding of the use of props in a scene.
  • Develop skill in understanding story and the function of their character in the overall project.
  • Improve their skill dealing with difficult blocking such as fighting, changing rooms, kissing, hugging in a self-tape setting.
  • Deepening their emotion connection to the work in order to communicate that thought the lens
  • Become faster and more efficient with lines and direction

What’s Expected from the actor:

  • Actors will arrive to class each week prepared and ready to work (lack of preparation will result in less time)
  • To give their full attention to the actors working – much of the learning comes from watching other actors in this class.
  • This is a professional class and will be treated as such