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Thursday – Scene Study 2

*Please note  all classes are 3 month commitments. (12 sessions, 1 class per week, for 12 weeks)

This is a Level 2 acting class. Students should have a strong grasp of basic acting concepts such as, beats, objectives, text analysis skills, working with a scene partner,  through experience or beginner-level classes such as our Fundamentals classes

Current Term:
January 12th – March 30th

Accepting Registrations for:
April 13th – June 29th – Register Below
Thursday Evenings – 6:30pm – 9:30pm with Janet Kidder

2023 Sessions:
September 14th – November 30th
Thursday Evenings – 6:30pm – 9:30pm with Janet Kidder


Course description:
Using an in-depth method of text analysis and exercises, scenes will be brought to life honestly and creatively. There are no short cuts in this class. Students are expected to have their work prepared for the first class so they can get to work exploring blocking, relationship, and emotional investment. Students are expected to rehearse outside of class with their scene partners, continuing the work done in class. Always ask, “What will I work on next?”.

Topics Covered:
In this class you will learn and implement:

  • Developing the student actor’s personal process of preparation from cold reading to performance.
  • Fine tuning technical elements of performance (blocking, working with props, etc)
  • Deepening emotional connection to character and their relationships.
  • Detailed text analysis and research.
  • Developing the confidence required to transition from the classroom to professional sets.



“Janet’s scene study class is so great because of how dedicated she is to all of her students. She really puts her heart and soul into everything her students do, and I always leave class feeling inspired and upbeat.” – Saya Bingert 

“Janet is passionate about improving her student’s acting as much as she is her own.  It is inspiring to be able to work closely with such an incredible and successful.  She has more experience as an actor than any teacher I’ve worked with and it comes through while she is guiding us through our scenes and adjusting the choices we make.  I have felt my acting ability increase immensely after doing just one term with Janet and now feel that I’m am no longer acting but living as the person in the scene we are assigned.  It is such an honour to be a part of Janet’s scene study class. I predict she will become the most profound acting teacher in Vancouver.” – Tyler Jackson