2 Day Comedy Workshop

Vancouver Acting School

#210 - 112 East 3rd Avenue

with David Lewis and Laura Adkin

Comedy for Film & TV with David Lewis & Laura Adkin. Comedy Veteran David Lewis and Writer/Director Laura Adkin will guide you through the in’s and outs of comedy from the audition process through to filming the scene. You will learn how to break down the comedy script, find your beats and how to play off the other actor in the scene.

Day 1:
Discussion on comedy, learn how to break down a comedy script and how to “find the funny” in your scenes.
Go through the audition process and learn how to “button” and play off your reader.
The day will end with a comedy panel of working comedic actors.
Day 2:
Start the day with warm ups and improv games, more comedy lecture and then go into the scenes.
Rehearsal, notes and then filming the scenes (directed by Laura)
David Lewis
Laura Adkin
Current Students – $149.00
Standard – $289.00
Any non student who participates in the workshop is valid to receive a $140.00 discount on any Fall Part Time class beginning September 2018.
Spaces are limited.