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Online Screenwriting For Film & TV Diploma

Course Outline

Our instructors are award-winning industry professionals who currently work at the top of their field while guiding and mentoring students to the highest standards of professional excellence. Graduates of this program will have the ability to define the components and structures common to a variety of script format and be able to develop a writing schedule and work within it to create measured content within specific deadlines and timeframes. They will be able to construct work schedules to ensure deliverables and timelines are met and acquire skills that permit them to generate creative ideas on a daily basis, navigating and overcoming “writer’s block” and similar creative obstacles. Most importantly, they will graduate having written a series of spec scripts for film, television, and movies of the week. The 12-month Screenwriting for Film & TV diploma program empowers students to take their ideas from concept to fleshed-out reality, harness their creative abilities, write at a professional level, and know how to effectively market their scripts. Taught fully online through live instruction, in a virtual classroom setting, this program will have you interacting with classmates and instructors on a daily basis from anywhere in the world to get your scripts to levels you never dreamt possible.  But becoming a great writer is only half the battle. We’ll also provide you with the essential business know-how required to write for a living. Through practical hands-on work, deadline-driven projects, and regular critique from fellow screenwriters, graduates of this program will leave with both experience writing in a variety of formats and the business savvy required to make a living in the screenwriting industry.


Online requirements:

Our online classes are held over Zoom meetings. Students will be required to download the application or access Zoom through the web. Further instructions for accessing the classes will be shared with registered students before the first class.

Costs: Domestic: $14,900 International: $14,900 Materials Cost: $1000

    Next Start Date:
  • Fall 2020: September 28, 2020

Our Screenwriting program consists of a total of twenty courses running over 12 months within a dynamic 952 hour program of live, online instruction in a virtual classroom setting.

Term 1
Fundamentals of Story & Structure
Course Code: WRI-100
Credits: 3
Intro to the History of Film
Course Code: WRI-110
Credits: 3
Exploring Digital Content: Web Series & Shorts
Course Code: WRI-120
Credits: 3
Creating the Half-Hour TV Show
Course Code: WRI-130
Credits: 3
Intro to the Entertainment Industry
Course Code: WRI-190
Credits: 3
Term 2
History of Film: Genre Studies
Course Code: WRI-111
Credits: 3
Developing Digital Content: Web & Shorts
Course Code: WRI-121
Credits: 3
Workshopping the Half-Hour TV Show
Course Code: WRI-131
Credits: 3
Preparing for Feature Film
Course Code: WRI-140
Credits: 3
Creating the MOW
Course Code: WRI-150
Credits: 3
Term 3
Exploring Story & Creativity
Course Code: WRI-200
Credits: 3
History of Film: Canadian & Indie
Course Code: WRI-210
Credits: 3
Creating the One-Hour TV Show
Course Code: WRI-230
Credits: 3
Writing the Feature Film
Course Code: WRI-240
Credits: 3
Crafting the Pitch
Course Code: WRI-250
Credits: 3
Term 4
Expanding Story & Creativity
Course Code: WRI-201
Credits: 3
History of Film: Outliers
Course Code: WRI-211
Credits: 3
Workshopping the One-Hour TV Show
Course Code: WRI-231
Credits: 3
Workshopping the Feature Film
Course Code: WRI-241
Credits: 3
The Business of Screenwriting
Course Code: WRI-290
Credits: 3



Vancouver Acting School helped me realize that screenwriting could actually be a real career if I was willing to put myself out there and make it happen!