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Part-Time Acting – Online

4 Week Acting Class: One payment of $199.99

We’re Going Virtual

The film and television industry looks a little different right now, and so do our classes.

We believe that this is an opportunity for us as artists to sharpen our craft and continue our creative processes, and we are excited to offer our online part-time classes. These classes will continue to provide professional, competitive training that you have come to expect from Vancouver Acting School, all from the comfort of your own home.

From the rise of self tape auditions to navigating new protocols on set, our instructors are eager to share their expertise with you as actors currently working in the industry. 

Whether it be learning a new skill to satisfy your need to be creative and proactive, or working on polishing off some of the rust that might have formed over the past few months, we’ve got you covered.

Online requirements:

Our online classes are held over Zoom meetings. Students will be required to download the application or access Zoom through the web. Further instructions for accessing the classes will be shared with registered students before the first class.

Costs: $199.99

    Next Start Date:
  • Classes start every four weeks on a rolling basis - check out the start dates below!

Upcoming Classes & Registration

Our Part-Time classes will take actors of all abilities to new levels of skill and confidence through direct instruction from some of Vancouver’s top working actors. Classes occur once per week and are available on a variety of days to suit your schedule. Click the registration link for the class of your choice to book online (*please note, only available on desktop at this time), or contact us at 604-564-7242 to reserve your spot.

Course Name
Upcoming Sessions

Tuesday Evenings – 6:00pm – 9:00pm with Dan Bacon
September 1st – 22nd (4 week course)
Level 3 Class

One time payment of $199.99 

Class Summary

This class will focus on the full audition process for online auditions and callbacks. From what to do from the moment your agent sends you a breakdown for an audition, how to approach the audition, is it a self tape? Is it a taped session, is it a director/producer session? How to do you prepare differently? We’ll go through the full process and then what to do once the audition is complete. Then what to expect for a Callback in the days of COVID-19

Topics Covered

– Characterization & character development
– Text analysis
– Memorizing techniques
– Performance
– Audition etiquette & what to expect
– Voice / Speech / Breath
– How the film industry works
– Self Tape technique
-Zoom callback sessions
Course Name
Upcoming Sessions

Wednesday Evenings – 6:00pm – 9:00pm with Jillian Walchuk
September 2nd – 23rd (4 week course)

One time payment of $199.99

Class Summary

This class will be focused on each individual actor and personal growth. We will be reading entire scripts and doing a full analysis. We will start the class with one liners then work on audition sides. You will do a weekly self tape to stay sharp. We will record and review them with feedback and discussion. A chance to connect and grow as an actor from home.

Topics Covered

– Emotional availability
– Text analysis
– Memorizing
– Bringing yourself to the character
– One liners
– Character development
– Personal brand
– Social media
– Intellectual reading



Course Name

Upcoming Sessions

Thursday evenings from 6pm – 9pm with Beverley Elliott
October 1st – 22nd (4 week course)
One-time payment of $199.99

Course Summary

This class will focus on the Essentials (Fundamentals) of Auditioning and Scene Study. Giving you tools to approach text not only from a technical point of view but also accessing your emotional truth and how to put that in your work without losing the integrity of the scene. Useful for beginners as well as seasoned actors having trouble accessing their emotions in their work

Topics Covered

In this class you will learn and implement:

  • Text Analysis
  • Research – project, character, story
  • Emotional connectivity
  • Truthfulness and spontaneity in a technical environment
  • Dissecting the beats of a scene
  • Seeing the scene from multiple paradigms
  • Creating business and using props
  • Identifying and honouring the facts of a scene

“Beverley has an innate sense of understanding her students needs and subsequently is able to gently bring out the best in each and everyone regardless of where they are at. Thus creating a learning environment that feels safe for students to freely express.” – Claudia, student