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Part-Time Screenwriting


Through a combination of interactive lectures, film screenings, script readings, and group workshop of your original script, this once-a-week evening class take writers of all backgrounds to new levels of skill and confidence in a safe, supportive, and professional space.

We meet writers all the time who have a story in them, a beloved project they’re wanting to either start or finish, but they’re stuck trying to make the next move. For some, it’s about building a schedule and holding themselves accountable. For others, it’s about not knowing where to go next with characters, plot, or dialogue. And some aren’t sure how to get their script sold or made. Taking a screenwriting class is your opportunity to get serious and get it done. 


Online requirements:

Our online classes are held over Zoom meetings. Students will be required to download the application or access Zoom through the web. Further instructions for accessing the classes will be shared with registered students before the first class.


In-Person: 3 EQUAL INSTALMENTS OF $249.99

Online: 3 EQUAL INSTALMENTS OF $219.99

    Next Start Date:
  • Week of April 11th

Upcoming Classes & Registration

Our Part-Time classes will take actors of all abilities to new levels of skill and confidence through direct instruction from some of Vancouver’s top working writers. Classes occur once per week and are available on a variety of days to suit your schedule. Click the registration link for the class of your choice to book online, or contact us at 604-564-7242 to reserve your spot.

Please note that some advanced classes may require prior approval before registration.

Course Name

*Please note  all classes are 3 month commitments. (12 sessions, 1 class per week, for 12 weeks)

*This is an online class – students will receive a Zoom link prior to the first class.

Currently Accepting Registrations for:
September 8th – November 24th
Tuesday Evenings – 6:00pm – 9:00pm with Laura Adkin

2023 Sessions:
Tuesday Evenings – 6:00pm – 9:00pm with Laura Adkin


Course description
Creating worlds out of nothing and taking people on wild adventures that change lives is the stuff of gods…and writers! But around every corner lurks a relentless gang of demons: distraction, fear of criticism, self-doubt, and procrastination. We meet aspiring and active writers all the time who have a story in them or a creative project they want to get moving, but they’re stuck trying to make the next move. Get that script started and finished!

Course Summary
Story Basics – Equips you with the foundational story-building tools, techniques, and writer’s disciplines required to develop and finish an original screenplay. We’ll cover story creation, character design, world building, plot outline, script development, and the core habits you’ll need to set goals and deadlines, achieve your milestones, and succeed on your writer’s journey. Includes weekly exercises, film screenings, and initial development of your story outline and beat sheet.

Topics Covered
In this class you will learn and implement:

  • Building (& Sticking to) a Schedule
  • Generating Ideas & Loglines
  • Finding Your Theme
  • Creating Heroes & Villains
  • Building Your Story World
  • Scene Construction & Dialogue
  • Plot Structure & Beat Sheet Development
  • Genre conventions & what audiences expect
  • How to give and receive professional script notes
  • Formatting your script to Hollywood standards