Screenwriting Fundamentals: Story Basics + Script Workshop (24 sessions)

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Creating worlds out of nothing and taking people on wild adventures that change lives is the stuff of gods…and writers! But around every corner lurks a relentless gang of demons: distraction, fear of criticism, self-doubt, and procrastination.

“I meet aspiring and active writers all the time who have a story in them, a beloved project they’re wanting to either start or finish, but they’re stuck trying to make the next move. For some, it’s about building a schedule and holding themselves accountable. For others, it’s about not knowing where to go next with characters, plot, or dialogue. And some aren’t sure how to get their script sold or made. This is your opportunity to get serious and get it done. As a writer and producer for film, web series, podcasts, and graphic novels, as well as a judge for the BC Student Film Festival and the Leo Awards, I know many of the common mistakes writers make (including my own!) as well what it takes to be successful. It would be an honour to be a part of your writer’s journey.” Paul Donnett, Instructor

This 6-month (24 sessions) course consists of two components:

Part 1: Story Basics – Equips you with the foundational story-building tools, techniques, and writer’s disciplines required to develop and finish an original screenplay. We’ll cover story creation, character design, world building, plot outline, script development, and the core habits you’ll need to set goals and deadlines, achieve your milestones, and succeed on your writer’s journey. Includes weekly exercises, film screenings, and initial development of your story outline and beat sheet.

Part 2: Intensive Script Workshop – Building on the fundamentals learned in Part 1, we get right into a 3-month intensive workshop of your script as you work on it, via group feedback sessions and one-on-one story development with your instructor.

Let’s get that script started and finished!

Class Overview