Ely Jackson

Ely Jackson is a Greek-Australian film & TV actor & Voice Over artist based in Vancouver, BC, where she currently resides working in various creative fields including post-production sound, scriptwriting, audiobook production, voice over instructing, FTV audition coaching & accent training. 
Ely’s versatility as a performer allows her to portray untrustworthy pirates, to smoldering heroines, to aliens from outer space, to elvish warriors, to lending her physicality in creature costumes to the horror genre. In addition to being a LEO Nominated actress for best female supporting role in the motion picture Grand Unified Theory, fan favourites of her portrayals include her role as Scottish Elven warrior Tiandrin in Netflix’s The Dragon Prince (alongside her dear friend, mentor & revered voice artists Jason Simpson) & her work as mom AND daughter AND each of their “mirror monsters” in Monster Loving Maniacs currently streaming on Apple TV. Jackson can also be seen in the recent Percy Jackson & The Olympians on Disney+ & Netflix’s hit series Altered Carbon with a 2024 debut in her beloved horror genre in The Stickman’s Hollow, starring opposite Thomas Cadrot (Scream 6, Supernatural, The Flash) & directed by the up-and-coming talent, Jack Cox.
Her impressive resume includes her work in commercial VO on campaigns such as Afterpay Australia, Coolsculpting Canada & GLADE Holidays: Barbie & The Nutcracker. 

Ely’s 15+ years in the film industry & its related fields, provide a deep wealth of experience which she brings to both her work & her classroom, with her additional skills for the screen including sword fighting, bo staff training, kickboxing, archery, sais, horseback archery, weapons training, 7yrs of singing training & 8yrs of dance. Jackson utilises her unique vocal skills to service the specific needs of various post-production sound studios in Vancouver city, specializing in creature & alien sounds & accents, of which her repertoire includes: Scottish, Irish, assorted British, assorted American, Australian & French.  
Ely has a 5-star rating on google as a Voice Over instructor & has been teaching in an academic setting for 4.5 years where she uses her decade and a half of industry experience to guide those passionate about film & television acting & Voice Over acting.
Among her achievements in the entertainment industry including her Bachelor of Communications & Arts with a Degree in Scriptwriting for Film & Television, she is also a published author, penning the first instalment of the historical fiction trilogy The Aegean Series – Snake of the Nile in 2020 for its official release in 2020 & sells her paintings, hand-woven Stefànias & gourmet sugar cookies.

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"I love that VAS has a bit of everything and the students get a taste of the multifacets of the industry which I believe better guides them to their niches and inspires the desire to learn and uncover knowledge, which is so important because acting school serves many more purposes than just learning how to perform. It is the catalyst for so many individuals to discover themselves on a deeper level due to the creativity that this career encourages. I see students come through and complete these courses and go on to do fantastic things outside the film industry, I watch students from day one who were shy, introverted and unsure of themselves, collect their certificate on graduation day with the confidence and ambition of someone much older than their years. That's the true graduation, it's of the mind." 
Ely Jackson

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