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Vancouver Acting School is North America’s premier acting and screenwriting school for Film, Television & Voice-OverVAS prepares students for the real world. Our Instructors are industry professionals that help mentor new careers.  Students master their craft in a working casting studio giving them the advantage when looking for paid work.

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Years helping students realize their dreams

Welcome to our community of creativity

Our world class curriculum and industry professional instructors will teach you the skills necessary to master your craft, ace any audition & blow casting directors away.

ACTING – Learn the skills to work professionally in the busy film, television, & voice-over industries
WRITING – Your one stop shop to learn Screenwriting for film and television

Excellence in Acting / Writing Education

Vancouver Acting School Sets the Stage for Success

Our Programs

We provide industry accredited acting and screenwriting courses that take place at one of Vancouver’s largest casting facilities, GO Studios.  We also offer competitive part-time and online courses for those wanting to sharpen their skills.  Whether you’re just starting out, or are looking to up your game, we’ve got you covered. Small class sizes, world-class curriculum and in-demand industry professionals are ready to help you prepare for a career in the arts.


Diploma Programs


Our award winning courses teach more than just how to act,  it’s a comprehensive learning experience that prepares them for the real world.  Students graduate with a diploma in Film, Television & Voice-Over, as well as having a professionally produced voice over demo, demo audition scenes on tape and written a screenplay.  Exactly what a professional actor needs to get work fast.


for Film & TV


These programs provide aspiring screenwriters with a comprehensive curriculum designed to nurture their storytelling skills and develop a deep understanding of the intricacies of the film industry. Vancouver Acting School offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience, allowing students to explore various genres, techniques, and formats of screenwriting. With a focus on character development, plot structure, dialogue, and visual storytelling, these programs equip students with the tools and techniques necessary to create compelling and marketable screenplays.

We even have acting classes for the stars of tomorrow

Acting Classes for Kids & Teens Ages 4-17

Vancouver Young Actors School (VYAS) is Canada’s #1 elite training facility for young professional actors. 

Why Choose

Students learn in a real casting studio from actors, agents, and casting directors who help mentor their career!

All of our faculty members are working professionals in their field. They spend the time and effort to help each student reach their personal potential. No other school takes such measure to ensure each student succeeds in the very competitive TV and Film industry. Check out our Faculty page to view a full list of our instructors, including links to their IMDb pages.

casting director

Our instructors Make the difference

All of our instructors are some of the busiest working actors in the nation; not people who used to act 20 years ago and now only teach.  They are on set now and know exactly what it takes to get you there.  

Beverley Elliott

Daniel Bacon

Bronwen Smith

David James Lewis

Learn your craft in a working casting studio

go studios

Our classes take place inside of an actual casting studio, the same place that you will audition for roles in Film & Television, creating a great sense of familiarity.  It also means that there will be casting directors and actors in the hallways, allowing you great networking opportunities.

Learn Tricks of the Trade from our Industry professional Guest Speakers

Our program features a variety of guest speakers ranging from agents to casting directors to producers.  This will provide you with all of the connections that you need to move forward in the industry.

Jesse L. Martin

Actor - "Rent"

Talia Gonzalez

Writer/Producer - "Hawaii Five-O"

Yogi Omar

Agent - Inspirational Talent Agency

Simon Barry

Producer - "Van Helsing"

Paul Armstrong

Award-Winning Vancouver Film, Television and Theatre Producer

Murray Gibson

Agent - RED Management

Turn your passion into your career

Learn the Skills that Blow Casting Directors Away

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