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Looking to deepen your acting skills and explore the craft of acting in greater depth? Our part-time scene study acting classes are the perfect opportunity to do just that. In this class, you'll work with experienced industry professionals to break down scenes and explore the nuances of character development, emotional connection, and scene analysis. You'll work on scenes from a variety of genres, including drama, comedy, and everything in between. Through this process, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the art of acting and develop the skills you need to deliver powerful and authentic performances on stage or on camera. Join us and continue your journey towards becoming a more skilled and confident actor!


All actors, whether novices or veterans, need to stretch their muscles. Scene Study is where a new actor discovers the joys of bringing a story to life, and where a seasoned professional learns to push themselves in exploring a different part of their craft. Through extensive character work and text analysis, our Scene Study for Film & Television classes focus on telling the story of a scene and embodying a character’s arc (their journey throughout the scene). You will discover the emotional and physical life of your character, use text analysis to mine scripts for motifs and indisputable facts, and learn how to navigate your character’s objectives while responding to the choices of your scene partner. The skills learned in these classes allow actors to build and strengthen the tools needed to effectively book and perform larger, more complex roles.

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*Please note all classes are 3 month commitments. (12 sessions, 1 class per week, for 12 weeks)

Pre-Requisite: Students should have a strong grasp of basic acting concepts such as, beats, objectives, text analysis skills, working with a scene partner,  through experience or beginner-level classes such as our Fundamentals 2 class
Upcoming Classes: 2024 Dates: Tuesday Evenings – 7:00pm – 10:00pm with Zahf Paroo
  • Winter – January 9th – March 26th
  • Spring – April 9th – June 25th – in progress
  • Fall – September 10th – November 26th – FALL REGISTRATION ON NOW!
Course Summary:
This class will introduce students to the concepts and practice of preparation, script analysis, working with a partner and performance. Full plays will be read and discussed, scenes will be put on their feet and actors will explore their relationship with performance. Acting exercises used to warm up and wake up the actors emotional life and presence will be a focus. Strengthening work ethic and commitment to the preparation and follow through required of an actor will be highlighted. Students will be given reading assignments before class.    
Zahf Paroo

Meet Your Instructor

Zahf Paroo

Zahf Paroo has been working as professional actor, host, voice-over and sketch comedy artist since 1995.

Through his long and diverse career Zahf has worked with some truly amazing actors while honing his craft. He’s had the opportunity to work in Sci-fi (Stargate SG-1, Battlestar Gallactica, Fringe, Andromeda, Continuum, Defying Gravity) as well as working in comedy (Scary Movie, The Big Year, Psych, A Guy Thing, Say it isn’t So, Scooby Doo 2, Package Deal). He has also enjoyed a dramatic career (Edgemont -The Next Generation, Firewall, Motive) and most most recently, broken into the fantasy realm in Seventh Son as the beastly, blue-skinned, four-armed “King of Swords” ‘Virahadra’.

Zahf is also an accomplished theatre performer, and among his many theatrical roles, spent a year on Broadway, in the original cast production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Bombay Dreams”. Zahf’s role included playing an astounding 14 characters in the production.

In this class you will learn and implement:
  • Scene Study basics of reading material, breaking down a scene, partner work, using the space of a theatre, presence in performance and  relaxation.
  • Deepening emotional connection to character and their relationships.
  • Exploration vs performance
  • The importance of monologue work.

What Students Say About Zahf Paroo

VAS Actor Alumni

Zahf is extremely knowledgeable, cares about the work and strives for success from both himself and his students

Craig D. VAS Actor Alumni

VAS has amazing, outstanding instructors, every single one of them is professional, dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable. These instructors make the school. They are wonderful.

Savanah C. VAS Actor Alumni
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*Please note all classes are 3 month commitments. (12 sessions, 1 class per week, for 12 weeks)

Pre-Requisite: This is a Level 2 acting class. Students should have a strong grasp of basic acting concepts such as, beats, objectives, text analysis skills, working with a scene partner,  through experience or beginner-level classes such as our Fundamentals classes
Upcoming Classes: 2024 Dates: Thursday Evenings – 7:00pm – 10:00pm with Bronwen Smith
  • Winter – January 11th – March 28th
  • Spring – April 11th – June 27th – in progress
  • Fall – September 12th – November 28th – FALL REGISTRATION ON NOW!
Course Summary: Using an in-depth method of text analysis and exercises, scenes will be brought to life honestly and creatively. There are no short cuts in this class. Students are expected to have their work prepared for the first class so they can get to work exploring blocking, relationship, and emotional investment. Students are expected to rehearse outside of class with their scene partners, continuing the work done in class. Always ask, “What will I work on next?”.

Meet Your Instructor

Bronwen Smith

Bronwen Smith comes to Vancouver Acting School with a combination of years of experience and an unwavering passion for the craft of acting. Her training includes studying at Studio 58, Gastown Actors’ Studio, working with Larry Moss and attending Canada’s National Voice Intensive. Comfortable on both stage and screen, her credits are diverse and span theatre, film, and television. Her performances on stage in Twelfth Night, Problem Child and ‘Night, Mother are just a few that have garnered her praise from critics and audiences alike. Her roles on screen range from locally produced independent shorts and features to popular TV series and films. Bronwen’s favourite credits include roles on Smallville, Supernatural and Gunless. Kids of all ages will recognize her as Mrs. Jefferson, Rowley’s mom, in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.

In this class you will learn and implement:
  • Developing the student actor’s personal process of preparation from cold reading to performance.
  • Fine tuning technical elements of performance (blocking, working with props, etc)
  • Deepening emotional connection to character and their relationships.
  • Detailed text analysis and research.
  • Developing the confidence required to transition from the classroom to professional sets.

What Students Say About Bronwen Smith

I love Bronwen. She’s so talented, I got so much out of her class. She is especially good at teaching us how to be fully present and truly listen / connect with our scene partners.

September 2022 VAS Actor Alumni

Bronwen is an experienced actor, and you can tell. Her years working professionally translated well to teaching. She is very knowledgeable about being on set, and was always able to answer my questions to give us a clear picture of what goes on.

April 2022 VAS Actor Alumni

Bronwen is probably one of the smartest actors in the industry. I see her as a monster in this profession! She helped me immensely with my training. Always business, but fun at the same time.

March 2020 VAS Actor Alumni
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Class begins the week of: 09/10/2024

Cost: 3 Equal Installments of $269.99

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