Kalyn Miles

Kalyn Miles teaches sketch comedy writing at Vancouver Acting School.

Kalyn won’t do that typical bio writing thing, that is to bore you with a list of her credentials cause a: it feels a little braggy and b: she only has 1 and it was just a video on her insta story…that only got 3 views.

Kalyn is an avid collector of Bart Simpson T-shirts, and she enjoys tripping toddlers at daycares, screaming profanities into the ocean in the hopes of offending a narwhal and acting in a few things here and there.

Her mantle is decorated with at least 6 Leo awards…all of which she was not actually nominated for, so the winners really want them back.

Oh, she’s also appeared in a few things on the moving picture box, created, wrote and starred in a local sketch comedy show called cocktails and holywater and was a semi finalist in the 2019 yuk yuks stand up comedy competition…so you know…she’s done some stuff.

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