Industry News: Year in Review

Industry News: Year in Review

A lot has changed in the film and television industry here in Vancouver. The Province outlines the ways that productions have adapted – from masks to cohorts to daily testing – as well as talking to experts on what the future might look like on set.

Once the Province’s Phase 3 reopening process happened and the new safety protocols were hammered out between WorkSafeBC, the provincial government and stakeholders — including unions and studios — the industry was humming again in August.

Creative B.C. reports the scale and average value of each production that did go to work during the August-through-December period was a lot higher than the previous year’s average. However, despite that big bump in budgets and increased number of productions — in January there were 48 shows in production versus 12 at the same time last year — the overall 2020 numbers will be down from the 2019 count.

But moving forward, things look good.

The Province


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