Instructor Spotlight – Janet Kidder

Instructor Spotlight – Janet Kidder

Vancouver, BC – In the bustling world of film and television, the Vancouver Acting School stands as a beacon of excellence, training aspiring actors and actresses in the art of the craft. Among its esteemed faculty members is the illustrious Janet Kidder, a highly regarded instructor and accomplished actress with an impressive resume in the industry.

Janet Kidder, known for her exceptional talent and dedication, brings a wealth of experience to Vancouver Acting School. With her vast range and versatility, she has left an indelible mark on both the small and silver screens. One of her most recognizable credits includes her captivating portrayal of Osyraa in the hit series “Star Trek Discovery.” Kidder’s performance as the cunning and enigmatic leader of the Emerald Chain showcased her ability to effortlessly embody complex characters.

Another noteworthy role that showcases Kidder’s talent is her portrayal of Nicole Dörmer in “The Man in the High Castle.” In this critically acclaimed dystopian drama, she portrayed a resistance fighter, adding depth and authenticity to the character. Kidder’s ability to convey raw emotion and capture the essence of her roles has earned her accolades from critics and viewers alike.

Fans of the superhero genre will also recognize Janet Kidder from her role as Ruvé Adams in the popular series “Arrow.” As the formidable wife of Damien Darhk, Kidder’s portrayal brought sophistication and a chilling intensity to the character. Her undeniable on-screen presence and impeccable acting skills left a lasting impression on fans of the show.

Not only does Kidder excel in front of the camera, but she also shares her wealth of knowledge and experience as an instructor at Vancouver Acting School. Students who have had the privilege of learning from her describe her teaching style as engaging, inspiring, and nurturing. Her ability to guide and mentor aspiring actors has garnered praise from her peers and students alike.

“Janet’s dedication to her craft is truly inspiring. She creates a supportive environment that allows her students to explore their artistic abilities and grow as actors,” raves one former student. “Her insights and industry experience have been invaluable in shaping my acting career.”

Another student adds, “Janet’s passion for acting is contagious. She pushes her students to embrace their vulnerability and take risks, allowing us to discover new depths within ourselves as performers. Her guidance has been instrumental in my journey as an actor.”

Janet Kidder’s contributions to Vancouver Acting School and the entertainment industry at large are immeasurable. With her remarkable talent and unwavering commitment, she continues to inspire and shape the next generation of actors. Aspiring performers fortunate enough to learn from her undoubtedly find themselves on a path to success in the ever-evolving world of acting.


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