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Student Work


We are incredibly proud of what our students accomplish in class.  Not only is it amazing work, but it is equally as inspiring to see what someone with raw skills and a passion to succeed can accomplish when they are put into the right environment.  At SC – Institute of the Arts our expectation is that our diploma program graduates will work in the industry, but there are a bunch of steps along the way before getting there.  Check out our Success Stories (LINK) page for where our alumni are working after leaving our hallways, but how would you like to see what they work on while they are in class?  Here’s your chance.


Our grads have moved on to work on some of the biggest features and shows worldwide 

Click on the videos below to see some of the projects that students have worked on during their time studying with us.  Sure, our grads have moved on to work on some of the biggest features and shows, but it didn’t start there.  First, they had to learn some of the raw skills and fundamentals to acquire exactly what employers are looking for.  Then we bring in those HR representatives right into the school to see our students’ work and get to know them.  These videos are great examples of the different styles and skills that students have worked on and created along the way.

Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy.  There is some great class work in these videos, and we’d love to see you doing the same.  Give us a call or click on apply now and we’ll help get you started.  And, in just 12 months we will take your passion and drive, combine it with amazing instructors and curriculum, and get you creating work just like you see here.  You too can begin working in the industry and field you have always dreamed of.