Alumni Interview – Nicole Anthony

Alumni Interview – Nicole Anthony

A person who chases two rabbits catches neither.” Stay focused. Do the prep work. Be present…

What kinds of things were you looking for in a school when you were exploring your options?

I was looking for a school that could quickly and effectively connect me with Vancouver’s network of film and theatre professionals.

Was there anything specific that made you choose Vancouver Acting School as your place of study?

After studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, I knew I wanted a truly Canadian film and theatre experience. I was not interested in going out east to Toronto or Montreal and Vancouver Acting School was well situated on the west coast. Their Acting for Film, Television & Voice-Over program looked to have the perfect blend of courses, network of instructors from within the industry, and impactful course-load that could provide me with a relatively quick turnaround at 6 months in duration.

How was your experience in the Acting for Film, Television & Voice-Over Program?

My experience in the program was top notch and I know that it continues to raise the bar of education in the Film & Television industry. I found my program to be extremely comprehensive, of which one of the most unique components was the business instruction I received. It exposed me to the aspects of the industry that I couldn’t easily “DIY”; things like headshots, resumes, on set roles and etiquette.

What did you find unique about your experience?

I found the entire school to be a touchstone and home base for performance artists of all kinds – actors in film, theatre, voice actors, and comedians. I felt safe to experiment and take risks while I was in school. It was an unparalleled experience. The program was not just an outlet for my creative expression, but also provided me with a venue to meet with industry professionals, including: actors, agents and casting directors, which prepared me for my success.

How would you summarize your experience as a whole?

You have to fall in love with the process of becoming great at Vancouver Acting School. It’s not easy, but the journey is all yours, embrace it.

If you were going to give advice to a new actor entering one of Vancouver Acting School’s acting programs, what would it be?

“A person who chases two rabbits catches neither.” Stay focused. Do the prep work. Be present. Take copious notes for yourself and for each other. This is a well-put-together program, but the more focus you put on what you want out of the program, the more leverage you will gain and the further your career will be launched.

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