Alumni Interview – Ryan Williams

Alumni Interview – Ryan Williams

BREATHE. Be free, be open, be confident, look good, eat well, work out, take risks, watch your thoughts and… have fun.

What kinds of things were you looking for in a school when you were exploring your options?

I wanted to be in a safe environment, where I could study and train full-time.

Was there anything specific that made you choose Vancouver Acting School as your place of study?

I chose Vancouver Acting School as they were offering the most talked about program in the industry at the time.

How was your experience in the Acting for Film, Television & Voice-Over Program?

They offered a variety of classes in many different disciplines. I was able to train all day with some of the industries’ top talent. I enjoyed my time there and all the instructors were great. I found the program to be a great place for new actors to get a feel for the industry and discover everything that a career in acting entails. It’s a great program for those who want to find a sense of ensemble, and embrace a collaborative environment; but also want to learn to work on their own process.

What did you find unique about your experience?

I really valued the vast amount of on camera time we had in the program. It helped me make a smooth transition into the film industry. The voice-over component was definitely a unique part of the school as well. I left the program with a professionally mastered animation and commercial demo. The program also helped enable me to write my first screenplay and I felt that every step of the way there was structure and support.

How would you summarize your experience as a whole?

I think that having a different teacher for every subject really made an impact on my career. Each instructor offered their experiences and approaches to the work with excitement and support. I still study and work with some of those mentors, and I’m constantly looking forward to their guidance. The school provided me with a nice platform to start growing my career. It grew my confidence about going into “the room” and gave me a community of peers that I work with to this day.

What kind of industry related success have you found after graduating from your program? 

After the program I moved back home to Toronto and started booking right away. I’ve worked on many projects including: Copper, Nikita and landed a recurring role on Beauty and the Beast. I made the move back to Vancouver a few months ago and recently booked a US national Ford commercial.

If you were going to give advice to a new actor entering one of Vancouver Acting School’s acting programs, what would it be?

BREATHE. Be free, be open, be confident, look good, eat well, work out, take risks, watch your thoughts and… have fun.

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