Alumni Interview – Rebekah Asselstine

Alumni Interview – Rebekah Asselstine

Patience is key, and trust in your agent. Enjoy the roller coaster ride, because it is a long one.

What kinds of things were you looking for in a school when you were exploring your options?

I was looking for a home; a place I could walk into and feel cared for, a place where I would feel comfortable asking questions whenever I needed help. Because I was already working in the industry at the time, it was also important to me to find a school that wouldn’t force me to put my work on hold in order to further my education. It was a major draw for me to find somewhere that would allow me to continue to work in the industry throughout my studies. Most importantly I wanted to find somewhere I could be confident in knowing that I had made the right choice in investing in my education.

Was there anything specific that made you choose Vancouver Acting School as your place of study?

When I found out that Vancouver Acting School would allow me to continue my acting career whilst in their Acting for Film & Television program, and even take time away when I booked a job – I was so excited. How awesome is that? I was sold the moment I walked into the school. The atmosphere at Vancouver Acting School was very kind and welcoming; just an all around great collection of like-minded people who are all in the same pool as you, trying to make a career out of what they love.

How was your experience in the Acting for Film, Television & Voice-Over Program?

It was great to work fantastic instructors who I’m fortunate enough to now call my friends. Since graduating, I’ve even had the opportunity to work with some of my instructors who mentored me throughout the program. Learning to understand the intricate web and finer details that can branch you off into different areas of the film and television industry was something I also found to be beneficial. I learned so many things over the six-month long program, and I found all of it to be invaluable knowledge that carried on to the next chapter of my life.

What did you find unique about your experience?

Vancouver Acting School has individualized itself into what I would describe as a unique unit. It’s what sets them apart from all the other acting schools I looked at. While I attended we had many guest speakers, script and play readings on, movie nights with students, fun social gatherings, access to their professional voice-over studios… the list goes on!

Vancouver Acting School’s support for students who really want to work also stood out for me as unique. They want you to succeed and prosper even during your studies. There are so many schools out there that don’t allow you to audition and work on projects while you are training, and I disagree with that method. Vancouver Acting School got it right and I support them one hundred percent.

How would you summarize your experience as a whole?

I found out a lot about myself as both an individual and as an actor. I was able to explore and push my limits, my understanding of life in all areas, and the realistic ways I’m able to interact with other beings in a playful and creative way. It was really good for me and I was able to see so much more potential in myself that I hadn’t seen before. In the end, it felt so natural. I can now say that I’ve been able to create a career for myself. It was a good chapter of my life.

If you were going to give advice to a new actor entering one of Vancouver Acting School’s acting programs, what would it be?

Patience is key, and trust in your agent. Enjoy the roller coaster ride, because it is a long one.

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