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A comprehensive look at different exercises and techniques required to build a solid foundation and find a more grounded truth in your work.

Class Outline

In the first three weeks you will work with current audition material. I will email them the day before. I have spent years studying with Andrew Mcilroy and Alison Araya. They have greatly contributed to my teaching style. The class will be focused on helping each actor finally understand they are enough and have something to contribute as themselves. The techniques I will be using will help the actors stop thinking and start feeling. I will be guiding actors to react moment to moment as opposed to preplanning each moment of the audition. Actors will be asked to raise their commitment to the present moment. A large focus of the class will be on the circumstances and making sure each actor is committed to the given circumstances of the scene. We will explore the full audition process. We will act on camera, receive in class feedback and the scenes will be brought home to review. 

The last two weeks of class the actors will be given short scenes to work with a partner. In these scenes we will be exploring taking the audition technique to a deeper level. Working in scene study style allows the actors to practice on set techniques. We will be applying the same presence techniques but we will also be looking at impulses, repetition and full body connection to the material. 

The class is designed to help each actor work towards their personal best. We will incorporate feedback from casting / agents to help each actor overcome obstacles and break down what is holding them back. 

Topics Covered

In this class you will learn and implement:

  • Process & rehearsal
  • Research – project, character, story
  • Emotional connectivity
  • Truthfulness and spontaneity in a technical environment
  • Adjustments for the lenses
  • Dissecting the beats of a scene
  • Seeing the scene from multiple paradigms
  • Creating business and using props
  • The preparation required the night before, and moments before you perform
  • Identifying and honoring the facts of a scene

Our Competitive Advantage

When you study at Vancouver Acting School, you receive more than a simple class. Vancouver Acting School is housed within a full-fledged casting facility, with creative industry professionals  working on a regular basis. In addition to a working atmosphere, students at Vancouver Acting School get the Competitive Advantage, putting them a step above the rest.


Affordable Training:

  • Part-time classes elsewhere are often well over $300/month, our classes are all under $270/month.

Learn from working actors:

  • It’s not just what they know, it’s what they do.

Multiple performance opportunities every year:

  • Every term (12 weeks) and 2 Rhapsody events per year.

Free coaching for film & television auditions:

  • Be your sharpest when it matters most.

Incredible discounts on VAS workshops:

  • We truly want to help you make more than you spend. INCREDIBLE discounts on Casting Director Workshops and Business Workshops!

Free mentoring on both your craft and your business:

  • It’s not enough to just know the art of acting. You need to know how to turn those skills into paid work. Our coaches can guide you through the step-by-step strategies.