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Programs & Classes

We provide professional training in both acting and screenwriting in our Full-Time and Part-Time acting and screenwriting courses that take place at one of Vancouver’s largest casting facilities, GO Studios, as well as our competitive Part-Time courses online.  Whether you’re just starting out, or are looking to up your game, we’ve got you covered. Small class sizes, world-class curriculum and in-demand industry professionals are ready to help you prepare for a career in the arts.

Full-Time Acting

Acting FTV Diploma

The 6-Month Diploma Program is designed to prepare students for the realities of becoming a professional working actor, equipping them […]

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Acting Conservatory Diploma

Go deep, find your process, and use it beyond the audition room. Our graduate Acting Conservatory program will introduce you […]

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Comedy Conservatory Diploma

Comedy is about sharing your point of view, finding some truths, and connecting with your audience. The 9-month Comedy Conservatory […]

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Part-Time Acting

Part-Time Audition

Learning how to do the role is only half the work. Learning how to audition for the role is an […]

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Part-Time Scene Study

Text Analysis, physical life, emotional life, and character development are the pillars of this transformative class.

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Part-Time Fundamentals

It can be overwhelming when you’re just starting out in the acting industry, so let’s work together to help you […]

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Part-Time Workshops

Workshops at Vancouver Acting School give you a unique experience every time. 

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Full-Time Writing

Online Screenwriting For Film & TV Diploma

Knowing how to turn that great story idea into a script that sells is equal parts art, science, and business. […]

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Part-Time Writing

Part-Time Screenwriting

Creating worlds out of nothing and taking people on wild adventures that change lives is the stuff of gods…and writers! But […]

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