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Part-Time Scene Study


All actors, whether novices or veterans, need to stretch their muscles. Scene Study is where a new actor discovers the joys of bringing a story to life, and where a seasoned professional learns to push themselves in exploring a different part of their craft.

Through extensive character work and text analysis, our Scene Study for Film & Television classes focus on telling the story of a scene and embodying a character’s arc (their journey throughout the scene). You will discover the emotional and physical life of your character, use text analysis to mine scripts for motifs and indisputable facts, and learn how to navigate your character’s objectives while responding to the choices of your scene partner.

The skills learned in these classes allow actors to build and strengthen the tools needed to effectively book and perform larger, more complex roles.

Costs: 2 equal installments of $269.99

    Next Start Date:
  • June 1, 2020

Upcoming Classes & Registration

Our Part-Time classes will take actors of all abilities to new levels of skill and confidence through direct instruction from some of Vancouver’s top working actors. Classes occur once per week and are available on a variety of days to suit your schedule. Click the registration link for the class of your choice to book online, or contact us at 604-564-7242 to reserve your spot.

Please note that some advanced classes may require prior approval before registration.

Course Name

Course description

Geoff Gustafson has been a working professional actor for nearly 20 years. His scene study class is a combination of his experience on set as well as 10 years of teaching at Vancouver Acting School and a BFA in Theatre in Education from the University of Victoria. Using an in-depth method of text analysis and exercises, scenes will be brought to life honestly and creatively. There are no short cuts in his class. Students are expected to have their work prepared for the first class so they can get to work exploring blocking, relationship, and emotional investment. Students are expected to rehearse outside of class with their scene partners, continuing the work done in class. Always ask, “What will I work on next?”.

Topics Covered

In this class you will learn and implement:

  • Developing the student actor’s personal process of preparation from cold reading to performance.
  • Fine tuning technical elements of performance (blocking, working with props, etc)
  • Deepening emotional connection to character and their relationships.
  • Detailed text analysis and research.
  • Developing the confidence required to transition from the classroom to professional sets.

“I learned to be an actor. I went from no experience and a lot of bad habits to feeling confident in looking at myself and saying, ‘Ya, this is me now, whatever needs to be done, I can do it’.”

– Will Redfern

Upcoming Sessions

*Please note  all classes are 2 month commitments. (8 sessions, 1 class per week, for 8 weeks)


Monday Evenings – 7:00pm – 10:00pm with Geoff Gustafson
May 4th – June 22nd





Oooo! I still remember all my classes I took here. You gave me a completely different perspective on acting and allowed me to bring my real life experiences into scene work. I was just thinking about the hallway exercise the other day!