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Part-Time Voice


Animation, narration, commercials. There is a whole world of voice-over acting out there. We help you develop the techniques required to tell a story through the microphone.

Our classes will equip actors with the necessary skills they’ll need to succeed in the voice-over industry. As one of the busiest entertainment sectors here in Vancouver, voice-over skills are an essential tool for any well-rounded actor. Don’t miss out on the opportunities present in this booming industry by not developing your skills in front of the mic.

If you want to diversify your creative tool belt and add one more skill set for your agent to promote, this weekly class will ensure that you’re ready for your next voice-over audition or gig. Working with some of Vancouver’s top voice actors, students will work on their vocal skills and technique in fully-equiped studios that simulate the real auditioning and recording process.


In-Person: 3 EQUAL INSTALMENTS OF $269.99

Online: 3 EQUAL INSTALMENTS OF $239.99

    Next Start Date:
  • Week of September 6th

Upcoming Classes & Registration

Our Part-Time classes will take actors of all abilities to new levels of skill and confidence through direct instruction from some of Vancouver’s top working actors. Classes occur once per week and are available on a variety of days to suit your schedule. Click the registration link for the class of your choice to book online, or contact us at 604-564-7242 to reserve your spot.

Please note that some advanced classes may require prior approval before registration.

Course Name

*Please note  all classes are 3 month commitments. (12 sessions, 1 class per week, for 12 weeks)

*This is an online class – students will receive a Zoom link prior to the first class.

Upcoming Sessions:
April 6th – June 22nd
September 7th – November 23rd
Tuesday Evenings – 6:00pm – 9:00pm with Sarah Troyer 


Course description:
Weeks 1-6: Character Creation, Audition Prep, Performance

Review of vocal placements:
What are they, how to get into each one, and using vocal placements as inspiration for character creation.
Dive deeper into Character Creation:
Each week the students create characters using a different vocal placement each time and perform them for class.
Audition Prep:
Understanding and being inspired by casting breakdowns and audition scripts

Animation Script Work: The students are learning how to integrate characters into story through script analysis. I push the students to imagine what is going on in the scene, who their characters are, who they are talking to and how that affects line delivery. Emphasis on adding pre-life to their performances.

Weeks 6-12: Performance

Commercial Script Work:
Understanding the different tones of selling, script analysis:
How to understand a casting breakdown and apply it to performance, how to read a script.
Animation and Video Game Script Work:
Continuing on from the previous weeks…
Every class the students will get to perform and workshop characters and / or scripts and receive constructive feedback.





I loved doing my work here. You were beyond supportive and encouraging, I learned a ton, and saw the results. I would absolutely jump at a chance to work here again.